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Helpful Hints for Hanging Art and Pictures

Hello, Everyone: I can’t believe Fall is here already!. My, how time does fly!. So, perhaps now is the time to tackle one of your designing projects. The kids are off to school and you may have a few extra

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Tips of Buying Upholstery

Hello, everyone! Now that summer is underway, it’s a great time to look around your home and see what really is upsetting you . We all have a room or area that needs improving. Before the rush to do that

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Spring Furniture Market News

Spring Furniture Market always ¬†is an exciting event. Designers get to preview all the news looks in furniture and accessories. Everything you desire for your home or office or your second home. I’ll tell you some of the things that

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Spring Decorating, Part 2

It seems Spring is everywhere you look these days. People are coming at you from every angle to buy something. Flowers for your lawn, new outdoor  furniture for your patio, new flooring for your home. It goes on and on.

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Spring Decorating

When the weather starts getting warm and sunny and the flowers start blooming, people get more energetic and want to do things. Well, this is a good time to just take a look around your home or apartment and see

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Casual Approach to Interior Design

I have wanted to do this for quite some time. I believe now is the time. I wanted to write about the field of Interior Design and Home Decor is a casual way. But first, let me tell you a

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