Spring Decorating, Part 2

blog pictureIt seems Spring is everywhere you look these days. People are coming at you from every angle to buy something. Flowers for your lawn, new outdoor  furniture for your patio, new flooring for your home. It goes on and on.

Well, the same is true in Interior Decorating . All  the new design colors are out. All the furniture companies are introducing new groups at the Spring Market. The fabric houses are showing their new lines of great prints and textures for draperies and upholstery.

You can become very overwhelmed by this if you’re not focused.

So, to stay focused, you need to remember which area of your home you wanted to concentrate on and stay there.

This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase that “unique” chest you have been wanting to place in the foyer or your study. Because  all the furniture stores and galleries are having great sales to get rid of merchandise at great prices to make room for all the new items they purchased at the High Point, North Carolina market. All sorts of accessories are also reduced. What a great time to add those items for much less money! But, only if they’re going to work! Nothing is ever a bargain if it doesn’t add to the look  that you are trying to achieve. Please remember that. Years later you’ll be wondering why that piece was there.

Color is dominant thing this Spring. I can tell from all the trade magazines. But, on the opposite spectrum is the ” neutral” theme. This is based on a lot of beiges, off whites, taupes, and browns. These seem to used in the “loft” look, with contemporary furnishings.

Your more colorful schemes are being used with contemporary also, but can transcend into the “cottage” style or the ” beach” look.

I do like the fact that Navy blue is making a comeback. It can be used with any style. Navy, cream, and burgundy were big colors used with “colonial” design awhile back. To me, it never goes out of style.

So, put on your walking shoes and visit your local stores and see what is on sale. See what will look fabulous in your home. Remember to keep focused and buy only what you think will work. There are always going to be sales, but you want your home to look just right “for you” !




I graduated from college with a degree in Interior Design and Home Economics with a major in Interior Design. I have been working in the field for many years and had my own interior design shop in the Suntree area of Melbourne, Florida for several years. I currently work as a Designer with Baer's furniture in Melbourne. Finding the right colors is a strong point of mine. I am able to assist with all facets of Interior Design. I am an Allied Member of A.S.I.D.

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