Spring Decorating

When the weather starts getting warm and sunny and the flowers start blooming, people get more energetic and want to do things. Well, this is a good time to just take a look around your home or apartment and see what would could look different.

This can be a fun thing, nothing serious….and it doesn’t have to be expensive! It may be something you’ve been putting off or it may be something that you just want to try. A new painted wall in your bedroom  that ties in with your  duvet cover. Perhaps,  that is what is needed… a new cover for your bed, with new pillows.

The idea is to see which room needs a touch of something new.

I just recently had my dining room chairs seats recovered. The chairs were in need of repair as they are old and needed gluing. So, I found a fabric that had the colors of my sofa and pillows and recovered the seats. They look terrific!. Now these chairs are about 80 years old that I bought an estate sale many years ago, along with the drop leaf table. I still like the set, so I don’t see any reason in getting all new chairs. But, that’s just me.

So, see which room could use a little sprucing up. What do you want the focal point to be in that room?  The view of the ocean?  The beautiful   watercolor painting over the sofa?  Or maybe that is what is needed over the sofa. It doesn’t have to be a painting. It could be a collection of things you find fascinating. A group of smaller items, perhaps.

I am also a firm believer in letting a wall stay bare until I find the right thing to go there. There is nothing wrong with that!

Your home should reflect your tastes and likes, not someone else’s!

If you have selected a color scheme of some sort, you probably have one color that you are using more than another. This would be called your accent color. You could pick out a color you like for the wall and completely change the appearance of that room. Paint in one of the least expensive ways to redecorate. Your selection also depends on how much light comes into the room.

Light colors make a room appear larger, dark colors bring the walls in closer and make the room “look” smaller. Smaller can be good. This  can create a “cozy” atmosphere.

Lots of  bright colors seem to be the trend right now. But you can use variations of a color. Remember, this is what YOU like!. Geometric designs are popular in pillows, drapes, etc. But, too much can make a room look too busy and create an “uneasy” feeling.

I remember when people looked at designers kind of funny when they put plaids with floral. It is done all the time, but you have to look at the scale of the different prints and see what works.

So, new ideas come and go. Some are good. Some just fade away if no one is attracted to the idea.

I see this in furniture industry a lot. The manufacturers get a great idea to use a new type of wood, a new lighter finish. They give the public about  twelve months, or less to see what sells. If it doesn’t sell fast and everyone liking it, they drop it, just when everyone may just be getting to used to the look.  But remember, it is what you like that counts.

I have added a picture of the new Pantone list of new colors. You can use them or any variations of them to see what you like. This is just to get your imagination going  so you can make some great design changes soon when Spring really gets here.

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