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mediasmall.gray1Spring Furniture Market always  is an exciting event. Designers get to preview all the news looks in furniture and accessories. Everything you desire for your home or office or your second home.

I’ll tell you some of the things that seem to stand out to me from this year’s market. You can see what best fits into your decorating plans for the coming year. You will know what styles and looks that you will love. Some won’t be for you, but for someone else. Here  we go!

Upholstery- Yea! Furniture manufacturers have finally seen the light and have started making some smaller scale furniture for those people who are downsizing or not living in a twenty room mansion. This is good news, folks! This can be done in the Traditional style or the very Contemporary.   You are going to see more nail heads on pieces and tufting is making a comeback. Tufting is when you see the buttons in the backs of sofas and chairs. I love this look!. It gives the piece some texture and relieves your eyes from all the straight  angles . It  make the chair or sofa stand out a little from everything else in your room.  This is not for everyone. Neither are nail heads. I see my customers either really liking the nail head look or  don’t want to have anything to do with them! I’m glad we are all different in our likes. Otherwise , each home would all look the same!

Style- The styles of  furniture that stood out to me went from the “cozy chalet” look to the “modern Trad” look. The cozy chalet look is one of fireplaces, warm tones of woods, and warm colors.

thick rugs, lots of texture in the furniture. The Modern Trad look shows furniture that is usually traditional, taking on cleaner lines, maybe with a tufted back on a long sleek sofa with a metal frame. Wing chairs a little pared down and put in some exciting geometric print.  Soft contemporary has been in for some time, but is really a strong look right now. Also, acrylic furniture is making a strong comeback! What a look with glass and polished brass!. Dark mahogany wood top for a desk with an acrylic base!. They are experimenting with different woods and materials that would add interest to any room! So, from all of these I’m sure you can pick a few things that would add new interest to your home.

Fabrics- Fabrics for furniture will go from the neutrals and warm tones on one side of the spectrum to the brilliant and bold colors on the other side.  The whipped cream and coffee colors, with browns add warmth and good looks to that Urban look and the Loft look for those apartments and condos that everyone loves. The minimum look. The navy’s and the emerald greens can add richness to the more traditional rooms. These are also beautiful with rattan and “beach” furniture. You will see the oriental influence returning in the Chinoiserie design on fabrics . Also, the bamboo and fret work is showing a presence again. I love this look. It never really goes out of style!

Accessories- You are going to see accessories shown in natural minerals and stones. You will see lots of pieces that have an “antler” design. You will see this in lamps, tables, fabrics, etc. The use of synthetic horn will be in lots of pieces such as boxes and bowls. Decorative wall pieces will have lots of gold accents.

So, you can see there is a lot to choose from for your home. You only need to add one or two items. You may want to purchase a new chair or recover one.

Experiment with these new ideas and looks your going to see coming in stores. Have fun!

I’ll talk more about these areas in future posts.



I graduated from college with a degree in Interior Design and Home Economics with a major in Interior Design. I have been working in the field for many years and had my own interior design shop in the Suntree area of Melbourne, Florida for several years. I currently work as a Designer with Baer's furniture in Melbourne. Finding the right colors is a strong point of mine. I am able to assist with all facets of Interior Design. I am an Allied Member of A.S.I.D.

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